File Tamper-proof
Through the anti-counterfeiting watermark technology, it can prevent the printed documents from being tampered with, and help users improve the audit efficiency and avoid risks
Usage scenario
Contract anti-counterfeiting
When the enterprise is Party A, the electronic version of the contract shall be issued first, and then the electronic version shall be sent to Party B for printing and sealing. Party A can add anti-counterfeiting watermark
Document anti-counterfeiting
The enterprise shall first issue the electronic version of the document and add anti-counterfeiting watermark to prevent the document from being tampered with
Flow chart of anti tamper use of documents
Greatly improve the efficiency of document verification

The original document review took 30 minutes, but now it can be completed in 3 minutes

After the system approval is completed, the anilox watermark + QR code watermark is added and automatically encrypted
Automatic verification of watermark in seal

Ensure that the stamped documents are consistent with the approved documents

It provides an independent API interface, which can access the anti-counterfeiting watermark function on the existing system of the enterprise, and supports various business systems such as OA, ERP, BPM, contract management system and so on。
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