Smart Seal Cabinet
Let each seal be precisely controlled and used in compliance!
Smart Seal Cabinet

The new centralized seal management and control method, aiming at the risk of enterprise seal storage, uses RFID non-contact RFID technology to make each seal accurately controlled and used in compliance.It supports common seals and intelligent seals. Combined with the management platform, it realizes the functions of real-time inventory of seals, synchronous recording of seal recipients, intelligent early warning of abnormal operations and so on.

  • Cabinet free combination

  • The grid mouth supports seal type switching

  • Real time inventory of seals

  • Human computer interaction

  • Get the whole process record

  • Seiko manufacturing firm anti prying

  • Support access to various systems

The drawer supports the storage of ordinary and smart seals for flexible switching

Each slot can store 3 smart seals or 9 ordinary seals, which can be switched flexibly.The grid port supports intelligent seal charging.

"1 + n" mode of main and auxiliary cabinets, free combination

One main cabinet can support up to 12 side cabinets, with up to a thousand seals centrally managed

Real time inventory of seals to keep abreast of developments

Chapter housekeeper customized special RFID chip, which is suitable for all types of seals.Each seal is bound with a unique RFID chip to achieve accurate control.Seal storage and receiving records, real-time inventory, and grasp the dynamics at any time.

Excellent human-computer interaction, quick retrieval and return of Chapter
HD face recognition, seal collection, whole process record

Take back the seal, face recognition, and automatically record the recipient.Face information can be input at one time and used all over the platform.Top HD camera for omni-directional and whole process monitoring.

Precision manufacturing, alloy steel technology, solid anti prying

Alloy steel cabinet, strong and durable;All steel solid lock bolt, anti-theft and anti prying.High voltage electrostatic spraying process, rust prevention, anti-static, long service life.

Customized special system, open API interface

Customized chapter manager scui system, excellent human-computer interaction experience.The open API interface supports independent access to OA, ERP and other systems.

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